"Become your BEST Self through this transformative method of fitness and healing!"

'30 days of play' has a revolutionary design that allows the program to be as unique and diverse as the individual participating. 

The movements in program are formulated to give you maximized results with the least amount of effort involved.

It will give you more time and energy to spend on what you want to spend it on in your life. 

Never has there been a system to get such astonishing results in such a small amount of time and effort simply by participating. 



Change starts to happen deep inside you and reverberates out transforming your health. It will affect and change your blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and your overall stress level. 

It will build strength, make your muscle fiber denser while giving you flexibility and elongating connective tissue. 

It will give you the ability to take control of your posture and you will exude confidence, instead of exuding weakness. 


You will be able to survive and understand any given circumstance you may be involved in. 

Overall ‘30 days of play’ gives you a way to learn experientially through just participating. We're harboring a space for you to learn from your experience. Only with School of Self Awareness are you asked to be simply yourself. Our program and our design gives you space to allow yourself to learn from just being without having to learn from pressure. 

It's revolutionary because no other system is giving you the space to see what you need to see so that you can be what you need to be- moment to moment. 


For $99.99 you will receive all of this and more!

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If you are interested in getting a taste of what a School of Self-Awareness fitness program has to offer then

'7 days of play' is for you! It is an introduction course to the unique SoS movements developed by

SoS founder Joshua Fabia.

Through this course you will:

  • Start to feel more connected to your body

  • Feel stronger and more empowered

  • Get an introduction into natural and healthy movement


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