This master course is a body of work that has been in the making for 40 years. School of Self-Awareness founder Joshua Fabia developed the SoS method over the course of his entire life through guiding, healing, training, and helping thousands of people transform. The basics of the SoS method include breathing, moving, healing, and training. As a bonus, we have also included self-care routines, signature meditations, self-massage, stretching, and a proven nutrition program.

This is a method that helps you keep growing. Once you complete each step, you repeat the process

and it gives you an opportunity to refine yourself. It becomes a spiral of growth upward. 


This program will transform you from the inside out. It is for those who are ready to dedicate

the time and energy for a real transformation. 


When you purchase this course you will:

 - have lifetime access to the lessons 

- become part of the SoS family and be able to interact with the other students

- get discounts on our SoS gear 

- have access to our vault of exclusive SoS video content 

and much more!


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