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Dany is an RYT 200. Originally from Beirut Lebanon and moved to Amman Jordan in 2006. She found yoga in 2011 after a year and a half of battling with stress, anxiety and severe panic attacks. Yoga gave her a new set of tools to start a new journey of understanding the body and the mind. She started with Hatha yoga then moved to Ashtanga for a while and then power yoga for 3 years.

In 2015 she got trained and certified in Sacred Activation Yoga which is deeply rooted in the teachings of Hatha and Kundalini Tantra yoga and aims to strengthen, balance and align the body, mind and spirit through breath work, yoga asana and meditation. In her classes Dany focuses on cultivating the breath first and foremost and then creating the space internally and externally for the body to move freely. Dany has been sharing her practice of yoga with individuals and groups from every age from 3-year-old kids to elders and athletes ever since. In 2016 she got certified to teach trauma-sensitive yoga and taught classes at a refugee center in Jordan. She is a true believer in the healing power of yoga and is always committed to make it at everyone's reach. Yoga had a profound impact on her life and her goal is to keep sharing the magic of this ancient practice.



Arjuna Ra is a world-renowned yoga teacher and the founder of Sacred Activation Yoga. He is a descendant of a long line of Shamans and Curanderas. His personal healing journey became his inspiration for teaching, incorporating the ancient Native American healing practices of his ancestors with different forms of yoga. His practice accesses the healing powers of the mind, body, and spirit through meditation, breath, prayer, and connection with the yoga asanas.

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