"Most of the vulnerability, fear and weakness in the world does not come from a lack  of physical strength or size- it just comes from not understanding yourself"

How is School of Self awareness Fitness

different from other fitness programs?

The benefits of School of Self Awareness are all-encompassing. By addressing physical health and fitness, you will, in turn, address mental, emotional, and psychological wellness and experience a total self-awakening. Ultimately, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and realize your power.

On the physical level, you will experience significant positive changes:

  • The body will fall into its natural, optimal size

  • Organs will begin to heal, function properly, and reach a state of homeostasis

  • Everything will come back into balance with ease, simply by opening up the body

  • You will be flexible, free of tension and filled with endurance

  • Your movements will become effortless

  • You will gain confidence in your body and take control of your health

7 days of play

If you are interested in getting a taste of what a School of Self-Awareness fitness program has to offer then '7 days of play' is for you! It is an introduction course to the unique SoS movements developed by SoS founder Joshua Fabia.

Through this course you will:

  • Start to feel more connected to your body

  • Feel stronger and more empowered

  • Get an introduction into natural and healthy movement


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30 Days of play

30 days of play is a unique fitness course that is geared toward healing and re-aligning the body for optimal movement and flexibility. Within these movements you figure out what is best for your body and what you need for your health. Click the button below to purchase!

The SoS Method is a timeless method that can be done from birth to death. For $99.99 you will:

  • get 13.5 hours of content

  • get a years worth of training in 30 days

  • feel self-empowerment and confident

  • lose weight

  • feel energized and youthful

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"One of the awesome things about School of Self-Awareness is that you do not need a gym to do it, you can be any fitness level, any age, size, or shape."

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