Healing is the third building block in the School of Self-Awareness method. At School of Self-Awareness we go through the body to get to the mind. Your body is a vessel that stores years of stress, anxiety, and trauma that cause physical ailments as well as psychological blockages.


When you learn to loosen up and relax your body, residual memories, fears, and other negative emotions pour out, enabling physical healing and opening up space for positive change on other levels. Essentially, by first focusing on your physical health and awareness, you will spark positive change in other areas of your life. 

While other methods require you to depend on an expert or practitioner indefinitely, at School of Self-Awareness, we want you to be able to grow on your own. Therefore, we teach effective and accessible skills that you can continue to perform yourself. School of Self-Awareness is here to empower you and help you realize your full potential. 

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