This is an introductory School of Self-Awareness movement course- a more compact version of the full ’30 Days of Play’ course. You will start to learn some of the SoS movements and gain results the more you do them. You will start to feel more connected to your body, feel stronger and more empowered, and get an introduction to natural and healthy movement. These movements will bring your body back into alignment, heal your body, and help your body start working at its optimal performance.

It will also:

- lower blood pressure

- Build strength, make your muscle fiber denser

- Give you flexibility

- Help with depression and anxiety

- Build confidence

and improve your overall stress level!



This course is perfect for those who are curious about School of Self-Awareness’ approach to fitness but don’t know if they want to fully commit.

You will grow and gain something significant in this course, however,

you will only have access to our: 

- SoS family community and be able to interact with the other students

- get discounts on our SoS gear &

- have access to our vault of exclusive SoS video content 

when you purchase our 360 Universal Transformation course listed at the

bottom of the page. 

If you would like to purchase only our 'Introduction Movement' course click the button below.

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OR If you are ready for a full transformation our master course: 360 Universal Transformation is for you. It includes our entire SoS method of breathing, moving, healing, and training all in one powerful course!

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