"Heal and transform your body & mind through these revolutionary meditations"

The SoS modern meditations are for anyone who:

  • Is busy and does not have a large amount of time for meditation

  • Wants to study themselves and their capabilities

  • is a depth practitioner

  • Is ready for something new and innovative

Through the SoS modern meditations you will:

  • Learn breath control and body control

  • Bridge the gap between body and mind while cultivating a deeper connection with yourself

  • Learn tools to calm and relax yourself while reaping myriad of health benefits

With the SoS modern meditations not only do you feel better but you will also be able to think more clearly. This gives you a stable place from which you can approach life and the challenges we all face.

Invest in yourself and your well-being with this culmination of unique and powerful meditations.

In the modern age, most of us do not have time to attend long meditation retreats or study meditation at an Ashram or Temple but we are seeking the knowledge and self-awareness that meditation brings. Now you do not have to travel far and wide to find this. With the modern meditation course, you will discover the wonder of ancient wisdom and modern science.


With these meditations you will get two amazing products in one to best suit your specific learning needs. Listen on headphones to get the effect of the binaural beats or listen through speakers for group meditations. With the science of binaural beats you will experience a brain wave shift that will take you to a deep state of meditation without having to sit for hours at a time. By using this technology you will enhance your practice in a shorter period of time. Take the journey to your inner self and discover who you truly are!

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