In the modern age, most of us do not have time to attend long retreats or study meditation at an Ashram or Temple but we are seeking the knowledge and self-awareness that meditation brings. Now you do not have to travel far and wide to find this. With the modern meditation course, you will discover the wonder of ancient wisdom and modern science.

Meditations include visualization, harnessing body control, developing better breathing, and much more!

It is the most dynamic meditation course on the market!

It is for those who:

- have busy lives

- want to improve themselves

 - want to learn how to control their thoughts and feelings

and want to increase their awareness!


With these meditations, you will get two amazing products in one to best suit your specific learning needs. Listen on headphones to get the effect of the binaural beats or listen through speakers for group meditations. With the science of binaural beats, you will experience a brain wave shift that will take you to a deep state of meditation without having to sit for hours at a time. By using this technology you will enhance your practice in a shorter period of time. Take the journey to your inner self and discover who you truly are!

You will grow and gain something significant in this course, however,

you will only have access to our: 

- SoS family community and be able to interact with the other students

- get discounts on our SoS gear &

- have access to our vault of exclusive SoS video content 

when you purchase our 360 Universal Transformation course listed at the

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