Moving is the second building block in the SoS method. The benefits of the School of Self-Awareness movements are all-encompassing. By addressing physical health and fitness, you will, in turn, address mental, emotional, and psychological wellness and experience a total self-awakening. Ultimately, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and realize your power.

On the physical level, you will experience significant positive changes:

  • The body will fall into its natural, optimal size

  • Organs will begin to heal, function properly, and reach a state of homeostasis

  • Everything will come back into balance with ease, simply by opening up the body

  • You will be flexible, free of tension and filled with endurance

  • Your movements will become effortless

  • You will gain confidence in your body and take control of your health

If you are someone who is ready to commit to yourself then

SoS Fitness is for you.

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