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School of Self-Awareness is here to help you with your personal growth- no matter what that entails.

If you are interested in booking a private session with Joshua Fabia these are the following

services that he offers. 




  • Physical training: Training the physical body using breath synchronized with motion. This conditions the body to saturate with oxygen while increasing blood flow. As a result the body has sufficient energy to accomplish tasks in a state of ease.

  • Physical transformation: Transforming the physical body to exist in a state of balance and homeostasis. In return, this equally affects the internal systems of the body.

  • Fitness goals: Meeting personalized goals of physical abilities desired. This can include an increase in strength, power, balance, agility, speed, vertical increase (jumping), flexibility, weight loss/gain, coordination, confidence, relaxation, proper movement, functional/ergonomic movement, efficiency, et cetera.

  • Movement: Movement is not limited to what is recognized visually but includes all available movement- internal and external. Movement connects all of the dots in sports or any forms recognized; movement is the in-between that bridges and connects stagnant form. Your quality of movement is in direct relationship to your quality of life.



Body Therapy

  • Aquatic therapy: Any treatments and exercises performed in water for relaxation, fitness, physical rehabilitation, and other therapeutic benefits. 

  • Craniosacral: a gentle, non-invasive, hands-on healing modality that focuses on the wave-like rhythmic pulse that goes through the entire body. The goal of craniosacral is to help get rid of restrictions in this system to improve the functioning of the central nervous system.

  • Acupressure: an ancient healing art using the fingers to gradually press key healing points, which stimulate the body's natural self-curative abilities. Acupressure releases tension, increases circulation, reduces pain, and develops spirituality and vibrant health.

  • Stretching: redefined stretching done in a relaxed manner that mimics the way all animals in nature stretch- without form. Think of the flexibility all babies are born with; we are stretching in a way to help regain our natural state of flexibility.

  • De-pressurization: This is an ancient technique used to relieve pressures in the body and balance it internally. When there is a blanket of dull pressure and it is relieved more space is created in the body. Coordinated breathing is part of the de-pressurization and the breath becomes an exit point for stored trauma to leave the body. As a result, the body feels lighter and is able to heal itself in a state of ease.

  • Western and Eastern Massage: Western massages have several different approaches. One being unclothed, on the table, and hands-on. Another can be clothed using minimal or natural tools with a holistic or medical approach. In this case, using all ability and knowledge to address each situation uniquely. Eastern massage uses a collage of ancient techniques to deal with the whole body. Some of these techniques can include touching, stretching, breathing, cleansing and much more.

  • Athletic Training: Joshua was recommended to the USA Olympic committee for a contract to do athletic training for the 2010 USA bob sledding team. Due to other contracts Joshua declined that contract but continued to train other Olympic athletes in Judo and Wrestling in Ecuador. Joshua’s sport comprehension and training abilities gives him a way to train anyone trying who uses their body competitively. This includes but is not limited to those who compete in football, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, wrestling, martial arts, track and field, swimming, rock climbing, and much more.

  • Body sculpting: the art of removing unwanted deposits of fat that are usually resistant to exercise or that bulge out in specific areas.

  • Body building: the use of progressive resistance exercise to control and develop one's musculature

  • Self-defense/survival: The School of Self-Awareness method teaches a way to not have to fight others or ones Self for the objective of staying alive, coherent, and safe. It gives you the understanding that you are capable of helping others who cant help themselves to a degree of safe involvement. It also teaches how to survive and react under unpredictable situations, how to defend yourself by mastering space and movement, how to move confidently in order to not exude victim energy, how to de-escalate situations, how to listen to self-intuition, how to feel strong and capable through self-empowerment and lastly a true understanding of your capabilities.

  • Breath work: a general term used to describe any type of therapy that utilizes breathing exercises to improve mental, physical, and spiritual health. Many forms of breath work therapy exist today, each with their own unique methods of using breath for healing purposes. Joshua Fabia has signature techniques that he uses in the School of Self-Awareness method.

  • Body wisdom: Body wisdom is the depth of the connection to the world and universal consciousness. Body wisdom is how animals map and understand migration, it is a wisdom deep in the body beyond the grasp of the mind. School of Self-Awareness method has a very unique way of bringing this connection to your forefront.




  • Energy transmissions: Transmission of energy is most effective in person but not limited to just in person. It is simply a different experience at a distance. When in close proximity the energy has a stronger presence, however at a distance the positive effects can also be experienced. The feeling is that of a torrent of energy being transmitted towards you for you to take what you need.

  • Confidence Building: A feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities. True confidence comes from understanding and knowing your true capabilities; which only come from testing yourself in the real world and surviving. School of Self-Awareness' method produces confidence as a byproduct of your re-construction.

  • Mental Reprogramming: The mind, like a computer, needs to be cleaned in order to clear the clutter that slows and modifies the way you process reality. Mental reprogramming helps release blockages that prevent a fluid and contiguous way of viewing your reality. The goal is to have efficient thinking with a priority towards desired goals and self-understanding.

  • Motivational Speaking: To be moved by words is one thing but to stir the energy of a room through an experience fueled by words has a lasting effect. Joshua Fabia is a master of facilitating a unique experience while simultaneously educating and motivating. The subjects and experiences range depending on demographic being addressed. He has motivated military personnel, teachers, law enforcement, elementary schools, yoga instructors, and physical trainers.

  • Meditation: the School of Self-Awareness method is a simplistic approach based upon shifting of brain wave function.

  • Self-Education: learning through an experience you acquire wisdom that can never be lost- this is embodied wisdom.

  • Lectures: using the power of words and speech to deliver information in a way the mind can easily resonate with.

  • Confidence building: a strategic method will be put in to effect through a multitude of techniques that will give you the heart of child and the strength of a warrior.

  • Self-understanding: Getting to know the true Self and understanding the motivation behind actions and behavior.

  • Self-construction: Taking personal responsibility and control of constructing yourself.

  • Self-clarity: the ability to understand and recognize your internally processes in order to give you closure to many unanswered questions about your Self.           

  • Self-examination: A way to examine yourself without personal or external pressure effecting your observations. This gives you a clear unbiased truth to learn what you are meant to from the life you have lived.

  • Self-Mapping: Setting coordinates toward the Self that you have lost along the way.




  • Ancient wisdom: Building a timeless connection to all that has been and all that will be.

  • Magic and Mystery: A return of child-like wonder in your life, mystery that feeds your soul the ability to dream beyond our conditioned reality.

  • Awakening of the child: To gain your innocence back with an adult comprehension and understanding. Giving you a second childhood with the ability to move slow enough to enjoy and acknowledge the wonders all around us.

  • Feeling beyond your body: Sensations are not limited to the body. Through sensory expansion your ability to feel beyond the body can allow you to recognize and feel tension in the body that was unrecognizable before. These feelings are there to give us much needed information to help us exist the way we are supposed to.

  • Playing with time and space: Once you take control of internal and external space in the body there is an echo that fractals out into the world where time has a new ability to connect to us. You will have the ability to create your own time zone that is set to you and your Self.

  • Taking control of personal perspective: Gain control of the way you choose to relate to and understand your reality. You will learn how to view things from a place of no personal history or attachment. This changes the way you see, feel, and interpret the world.




  • Nutrition: School of Self-Awareness method is a natural, simple, and ancient method of rebalancing digestion and letting the internal systems function at ease with minimal effort all in coordination with body sculpting and specific personal body goals. No protein shakes or meal replacements. You will spend less on food not more and be able to simplify and minimize meal effort.

  • Ancient cleaning: This can include water dowsing, washing energy outside of the body, brushing with plants and dry brushing. These are the real ancient methods that have allowed humans to exist through all history. Words could not fully explain the depth at which these techniques affect us. The ancients dealt with a more difficult life than us in the present day. They did not have time or energy to waste and as a result the techniques are simple with profound affects.

  • Relaxation Techniques: Healing and growing happens at a rapid pace when the body is in a relaxed state. You will learn ways to bring relaxation back into your lifestyle in this modern stressful world. Being in a state of relaxation provides effects in all areas of study at School of Self-Awareness. Due to the accelerated ability to heal, the body will continue to store and release stress regularly giving you a calmer controlled state. It will also create a contrast to recognize the tension accumulating in the body and mind and the ability to release it.

  • Strengthening the eyes: Eyes are under extreme focus in modern times. You will learn how to rebuild and strengthen your eyes to see clearer and broader- this gives your psyche balance. You will feel a noticeable perception enhancement and headache relief.

  • Rebuilding of senses: We we do not use the senses to the fullest they become dulled. We need to build the senses in balance because they are how we interpret our world. If the sense are out of balance our world will also be perceived out of balance. Once senses are in balance the equal expansion of senses is the natural course of action.

  • Digestion: If the digestive system has even the smallest hiccup the effects ripple through the physical body, mind, and psyche. Gaining control of digestion will have immediate effects on the rest of the body and the speed of transformation. The goal is to get the digestion to function in coordination to the rest of the body in a state of ease.

  • Relieving pressure off of internal organs: Pressure relieved from the organs helps them function at a high level. By relieving pressure the organs can recover, heal, and regain an internal homeostasis.

  • Weight loss: Bringing the body to proper proportions so the body can function with the least amount of effort and at the highest efficiency. This is done by relieving stress on the body and by adding stress to the body. We will accomplish weight loss with the least amount of effort and learn how to work with your body- not against it.

  • Muscle gain: Gaining density in muscle fiber will give you more strength. Muscle gain may not be needed to accomplish strength goals.

  • Strengthening of connective tissues: Connective tissue is one of the most neglected areas of the body yet is it continuously used in every movement. You will learn and remember the strength we were all born with by studying our connective tissue. You will gain a whole world of power and remember the ability you have had at your finger tips your whole life.

  • Youthfulness: We all want to look young and feel young. You will learn what truly makes you feel and exude youth.

  • Life longevity: You will learn how to increase your quality of life and this will echo out over the rest of your life. It will change the paradigm of remembering when your life had more quality to continuously experiencing the quality- no matter what stage of life.

  • Balancing mental, emotional and physical health: Through the life-tested School of Self-Awareness method your balance is inevitable. All of this will happen with ease.



  • Emotional movement: Movement that releases emotionally stagnant energy stored in the physical body.

  • Transformation: The transformation is that of entering the cocoon to emerge with wings. Transforming on your own will give you a deep sense of inner peace and an understanding of your purpose and abilities. Transformation on this level is not limited to just physical, emotional or mental. It includes transforming our interpretation of our memories, thoughts and even beyond that.

  • Unlocking: Unlocking the body is a doorway to unlocking the mental and emotional parts of the Self.

  • Emotional translation and understanding: You will learn how to understand your emotions and be able to recognize their guidance and reasoning. You will be able to make sense of the senseless feelings that can control us. You will gain an understanding from a place of no attachment.

  • Emotional reprogramming: Program the emotions that have been guided by a life and not by the person experiencing the emotions. Change your triggered response to emotion and feel to the level you choose to feel moment to moment.

  • Releasing emotional blockages: Learn personal ways to let go of past traumas. You will be able to use what you learn from the SoS method towards your own healing.

Scheduling will be dependent on your specific needs and the time of year. The sessions are available in-person or online. This is a unique and rare opportunity to train with the founder himself. You will have access to his wealth of knowledge and wisdom accumulated over a lifetime of surviving under extraordinary circumstances. Don't miss out!



In the preliminary process, we will schedule a free consultation where costs and details may be discussed. To contact us please fill out the form below.

SoS Students


"This is helping me get more in touch with my body..It is challenging me to do more and to see that my body can do more."

"This is on a different level than massage. It is definitely releasing emotional baggage...It is not an easy thing but in the long run it is going to be a lasting thing."

"School of Self is like the glue that holds life together. It's not fighting, it's not even survival, it's a way of approaching life." 

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