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We are helping others help themselves. SoS feels that people are able to serve better when they serve themselves first. Our main objective is for people who want to be of service to the world, which comes from first having empathy, compassion, and love for oneself.

We utilize ancient wisdom with modern innovations to communicate the SoS method worldwide. Through the principles of self-awareness, SoS helps members around the world gain a deep understanding of themselves by teaching through breathing, moving, healing and training. Through this understanding, they are able to help themselves and as a result help and understand others. This has lead to building and connecting communities worldwide.


Breathing is essential to all life. It is the first thing you do when you are born and the last thing you do when you die. However, many of us were never taught how to breathe properly. As a result, we walk around being out of sync with not only our own bodies but also the world around us. Breathing is the first building block to the SoS method. We breathe to live and live to breathe.


Moving is the second building block in the SoS method. The benefits of the School of Self-Awareness movements are all-encompassing. By addressing physical health and fitness, you will, in turn, address mental, emotional, and psychological wellness and experience a total self-awakening. Ultimately, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and realize your power.

On the physical level, you will experience significant positive changes:

  • The body will fall into its natural, optimal size

  • Organs will begin to heal, function properly, and reach a state of homeostasis

  • Everything will come back into balance with ease, simply by opening up the body

  • You will be flexible, free of tension and filled with endurance

  • Your movements will become effortless

  • You will gain confidence in your body and take control of your health


Healing is the third building block in the School of Self-Awareness method. At School of Self-Awareness we go through the body to get to the mind. Your body is a vessel that stores years of stress, anxiety, and trauma that cause physical ailments as well as psychological blockages.


When you learn to loosen up and relax your body, residual memories, fears, and other negative emotions pour out, enabling physical healing and opening up space for positive change on other levels. Essentially, by first focusing on your physical health and awareness, you will spark positive change in other areas of your life. 

While other methods require you to depend on an expert or practitioner indefinitely, at School of Self-Awareness, we want you to be able to grow on your own. Therefore, we teach effective and accessible skills that you can continue to perform yourself. School of Self-Awareness is here to empower you and help you realize your full potential.


Training is the final stage of the SoS method. You have gone through an awakening and transformation through breathing, moving, and healing. Now you are ready to actually train. You must first crawl before you walk and walk before you run. When you combine all of the basics of what you have learned, you become simply human. You will be able to apply the SoS techniques to any part of your life. Whether you are a professional athlete, a stay-at-home mom, or someone who simply wants to stay healthy and in balance. 

You have made it and have committed to your Self, which is what self-love really is. You must first learn love, compassion, and kindness for yourself before being capable to give that to others and ultimately the world.

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