Non-Negotiable Steps to Living Your Extraordinary Potential

July 7, 2018


I hesitate to write this for many reasons. I am still slightly confused about maneuvering the terrain of humility and indisputable extraordinariness. And so I have chosen silent awe and quiet observation for the longest time. However, it seems the time has come to acknowledge the elephant in the room -or the giant, magnificent light of extraordinary essence.

While considering gentle ways to address this not so gentle topic, I was reminded of this paragraph in Living an Inspired Life.


“Dr. Abraham Maslow… is quoted as saying: “What is necessary to change in a person is to change his awareness of himself.” Consider how you might want to follow his advice. You can never be mediocre because you are magnificent in every way. So seek ways to change your awareness of yourself so that you’re fully aware of your magnificence and can become receptive to inspiration, your ultimate calling.