Welcome to the Blog!

July 7, 2018

We are excited to launch a blog space where we will be posting blogs written by one of our wonderful SoS students Khadija. She teaches Sacred Activation Yoga out of Jordan and has been kind enough to let us share her insightful blog for us to post bi-weekly. Below you can read about Khadija and what inspires her to write. We hope you enjoy her blogs as much as we do!


My "what" is sacred activation & whole, plant-based nutrition


which is a spiritually athletic -not mutually exclusive- practice that is the vehicle toward a higher physical, spiritual, and mental existence. Since 2015, I have undertaken more than 1100 hours of Sacred Activation Yoga training and have been sharing my practice with over 1500 hours of teaching. (E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500).

I am a strong advocate of whole, plant-based nutrition as the safest, most complete natural lifestyle choice for a healthy existence. In 2017, I became a Whole, Plant-Based Nutrition Graduate of eCornell.


My "how" has taken me to formal teacher trainings,


studio classes, and non-profit community gatherings, sharing the magic of compassionate living in all its facets. I am a sports and fitness enthusiast, a firm believer that everyone at any age and physical state can find fulfillment and benefit from a committed effort. The foundations include breath, flexibility, mobility, and strength, fueled by clean eating and living, bedrocks of a healthy, balanced body, soul, and mind. As my body ages, I am not ashamed to admit that it is not about the 6-pack and qualifying for the circus. It’s about the energy. Once energy flows, alignment naturally unfolds.



As for my “why”…


it’s simply about living in Spirit.

I have had a fortunate life: a liberal upbringing and education that are also firmly rooted in Islam and Arab culture. My adventures in pursuit of growth, inspiration, and empowerment are bringing me closer to where I started: back to “fetching water.” It is in these adventures that stories unfold. Sometimes, they are told in planks, but mostly in tales of humour. Ultimately, they lead me to compassionate living that begins within. By sharing my stories, it is my intention to inspire everyone – regardless of age, body size, faith, or gender- to follow the path of compassionate living that will guide them to the infinite well of resilience, power, and creativity. Once this gate is opened, the universe moves to support one’s efforts to live in a state of balance and wellness. Nothing is unachievable. Everything is within reach.


Sacred Activists...


are beings living a compassionate life in body, in power, in Spirit, and in Light, who are energized, healed, healing, aware, and conscious.




Much gratitude toward Khadija. Please stay tuned for the bi-weekly blog!