What are you waiting for?

July 31, 2018



I reminded my friend yesterday that the new year was 3 weeks away. Already. I am only just now barely getting used to writing “2017” on the three occasions I have needed to use a pencil this year. (That could very well make the theme of a future blog – in the new year: the long lost art of handwriting. For now, I will only say that I am thankful for the practice of yoga asana that helps keep my joints, fingers, and toes supple and mobile. Also, pens are so 2016. Hb2 pencils are currently all you need to qualify for extraordinariness – albeit three times a year.)


Back to the present moment and its stark realities. We are all guilty of putting off habits, attachments, addictions, and work we need to release and/or dive into until the “new year,” a distant future – 3 weeks away. Another arrant certainty of our modern times is the fact this “putting off” is a coping and bypassing mechanism that buys us time and gives us false permission to stay on the current comfortable, predictable path that we know is not serving