Sacred Activation Yoga || What You Need To Know

September 25, 2018



I got into Hanumanasana (monkey pose) today. Naturally, my first instinct was to celebrate by sharing the picture -taken to document the feat- with my teacher. Naturally, he responded with the anticipated amounts of oohs and aahs, immediately followed by this question: do you feel enlightened now? I certainly felt “light” in the hamstrings. Possibly also light in my step, having finally achieved touchdown between the back of the legs and the mat. It has taken a while to get here. No “lightening” speed for me for sure.


Then he sent me an explanation of what the pose signifies, who it is named after, and the story behind it. This is the very essence of Sacred Activation Yoga. SAY celebrates the challenges and the achievements of the spiritual evolution that unfolds as a result of a committed practice. This ener