Donkeys – the Lessons they Impart on Compassionate Living

October 23, 2018


 “Donkey” in Arabic is a G-rated derogatory expression. It is especially handy in moments of extreme road rage when children are in the car. The first letter is guttural and ideal for deep emotional release. (But so are “animal,” “Aries,” “snake,” “sweet sesame paste,”…)


Apparently, man “tells” or commands a horse, but must “ask” a donkey. And according to a French expression: “A donkey pushes himself; he’s never pulled.”


The donkey is best described by its resolute determination and service. There is a quiet  yet confident surrender to this creature —a self-invoked understanding that it has to “press on.” Until it can’t. (Incidentally, #presson is going to be my theme for 2018. Stay tuned!).