sos certifications

immersion certifications

All immersion certifications are done in-person all over the world. Each certification is done in progressive

levels. There are three levels in order to become a fully certified SoS guide. You will receive guidance in fitness, health, and survival. With each level you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the SoS Method. After your level one certification is complete you will have:


  • One year logo rights

  • Right to teach SoS Method

  • After two years of being SoS certified you will be advertised on the SoS site by Joshua Fabia

  • Online access to signature SoS materials for one year

Level One: SoS Fundamentals ($2500)

  • You will gain a universal understanding of the connection between Fitness, Health, and Survival

  • You will learn your limitations and understand your capabilities

  • You will receive a sustainable & progressive training program implementation


Level Two: Beyond the Basics ($2500)

  • You will progress from basic movements to transitional movements

  • You will learn how to deal with fear and anxiety to a level of being able to restructure confidence

  • You will learn the true power of relaxation


Level Three: Bridging the gap between life and lifestyle ($2500)

  • You will learn sustainable implementation of what you need moment to moment, day by day, and month by month

  • You will learn how to gain fulfillment and self-worth from lifestyle

  • You will learn how to build a reputation from leading by example and exceeding all foreseeable expectations


The SoS Method consists of a triad of fitness, health and survival. This is what you will gain from each method. 


 Homeostasis and rebalancing- “getting the body proportionate”. Learning the proper way to move in your body. Understanding why people move the way they move. Corrective movements, weight loss, body sculpting, and body intuition.



 Gaining control of the interior of the body including emotional and psychological rebalancing. Breathing, meditation, massage, and self-care.


Connecting movement and breath to bring confident awareness to your body. Build confidence through simple and natural movements. Learn how to survive through movement and awareness. Truly understand the difference between fighting and surviving. Gaining life-long confidence.


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