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SoS method

Come learn the full School of Self Awareness Method which includes Breathing, Moving, Healing and Self-defense. SoS founder Joshua Fabia developed these techniques from his 20+ years of experience teaching 1000's of people around the world. This method was designed to empower you to understand and heal yourself. Learning this Method not only improves your quality of life but also increases overall well-being! You can participate in one class or immerse yourself in an entire transformational experience. 

Breathing and Movement:

Come learn School of Self Awareness's unique techniques. The SoS breathing techniques unlock the body and mind. Breathing is the first building block in the SoS Method. The second building block in the SoS Method is Movement. The signature movements were designed not only to strengthen the body but heal it as well. Learning the breathing paired with natural movement will improve your quality of life and increase overall well-being!


Self-defense is not about fighting; it is about surviving. Our approach to self-defense is based on basic movements, physical training, and the most fundamental human capabilities, not on complex routines that you may not remember when it counts. We teach effective tactics that will help deter an attacker, movements that will keep you balanced and on your feet, methods to combat fear, and much more. Not only will you learn to defend yourself but you will also gain confidence. Take control of your own life and safety with these unique and powerful techniques!


The SoS Healing Method is designed to empower you to be able to understand your body and heal yourself. It will give you the tools to relax and recover whenever you need it the most. Most of us tend to forget that healing and recovery is just as important as exercise. Enhance your well-being and health with these unique SoS healing techniques. These classes empower you to heal yourself!

When: Wednesday | 6pm-9pm 

Breathing and Movement | 6pm-7pm

Self-Defense | 7pm-8pm

Healing | 8pm-9pm

Where: Enlighten Wellness Center

1301 Lomas Blvd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87104


IMPORTANT! You must prepay for your class and book in advance to

guarantee you a spot. We accept walk-ins only if space is available. Check 

your email once you pay for important paperwork. You must fill it out

either electronically or come to class ten minutes early to fill it out. 

One class- $20

Five Class Package- $80

Ten Class Package Deal- $150


Limited space available each week, book your spot now!

sos instructors

joshua fabia

Throughout his own physical life, including his years as a successful athlete, Joshua has healed and rehabilitated injuries sustained from the wear and tear of taking his body to the limits and putting it to the test in a world of circumstances. Apart from his innate understanding of the human body, Joshua has extensive specialized experience in defense, protection, human rights, and physical therapy. He holds certifications in martial arts, personal training, several military fields, stretch training, breathing and more.

Joshua established School of Self-Awareness to share what he has learned with an even larger community. His vision is to bring fitness, defense, and health together into an innovative program that can help anyone achieve their goals and enrich their lives.

Diego Sanchez

Diego "The Nightmare" Sanchez is a UFC veteran and Hall of Famer. With over 17 years of experience in professional fighting Sanchez has techniques that have helped him win over 25 fights throughout his career. Because of his extensive MMA career, Sanchez has a unique take on the signature SoS techniques. Do not miss the opportunity to learn from this legend!

rebecca hidalgo

Rebecca Hidalgo has been working with SoS for almost 4 years. She is the first to complete the 100-hour SoS apprenticeship and has studied the SoS techniques in order to heal her body and mind. Overall, she has been studying various healing techniques for over ten years in order to heal and understand herself. It is now time to pass down this wisdom and knowledge to those who need it most. 

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